Who we are:

Welcome to JAN’S MOTORBIKE Sales, Rent, Repair, and Accessory located in one of the most vibrant motorcycle cities in Vietnam. Formed in 2019, we pride ourselves in an honest, fair, and excellent sales and service experience. 

We are at JAN’S MOTORBIKE, Sales, Rent, Repair and Accessories specialize in the Honda Cub and Honda Passport motorcycles.
We also export motorcycles, parts, and accessories worldwide and assist in all aspects of importation and shipping paperwork. 

We go way back together !

In the 2019 year, the idea comes from a friend who is a best friend and he’s a good mechanic. We decided to connect together to provide a service for everyone. Since that time born ” JAN’S MOTORBIKE “.

Just over one year with all the effort that we provide a good service to customers. We sold many motorbikes and received many good reviews from customers.

our MisSion !

Offer the best selection of services to customers, protect customer interests, listen to customers when they need
We are to be here as your friends. We accompany you through your journey. Let’s take a ride with us! See you ^^

our WORDS !


” BUY a Bike, MAKE a Buddy! ”

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