Types of motorbikes

Motorbikes are the most fuel-efficient and durable means of transport nowadays. What types of motorbikes? and which types of motorbikes are suitable for you? This article helps you out with those questions Motorbikes are the type of motorbike chosen by many consumers because of their durability and savings. Motorbikes are affordable and have high durability […]

7 common rental scams in Vietnam

7 common rental scams, how to protect yourself and report rental scams Here are common rental scams in Vietnam as a tenant, it’s important to know how to protect yourself against rental scammers trying to take money out of your pocket. This means knowing how to spot the signs of rental scams and avoiding rental […]

9 reasons to choose serviced apartments

The benefits of serviced apartments 9 reasons to choose serviced apartments Maybe you are on a business trip, traveling, going to another city for work, … or waiting to receive a new house. When you consider looking for an apartment to live in for a few months or longer, a serviced apartment is a great […]

Sài Gòn xưa và nay

10 công trình mang tính biểu tượng Sài gòn xưa và nay Sài Gòn – TP.HCM, đô thị phồn vinh bậc nhất nước ta với tốc độ phát triển chóng mặt qua từng ngày. Nhưng đâu đó, ở Sài Gòn vẫn tồn tại những công trình mang đậm dấu ấn thời gian, là biểu tượng […]

Story of an expat in Vietnam

Story of an expat in Vietnam Living in Vietnam Guide Summary: It’s an exciting time to live in Vietnam – with more and more tall buildings crowding the city skylines and rural areas developing rapidly as well. Learning Vietnamese poses a major challenge for most expats, but Vietnam’s warm, welcoming people make up for the challenge. […]

Yamaha Mate 50 hàng hiếm 2 thì ra khói

Xe Yamaha 2 thì cổ Yamaha Mate 50 được sản xuất từ thập niên 80, mẫu xe máy phổ thông Mate 50 được xem là câu trả lời của thương hiệu Yamaha với đối thủ nổi tiếng Honda Super Cub trên thị trường, đặc biệt là tại Việt Nam. Xuất hiện lần đầu vào năm […]

The Honda CT125, The Honda Cross Cub 110 And Cross Cub 50

cub ct125 The Honda Cross Cub 110 And Cross Cub 50  introduction Following in the footsteps of its funky elder CT125 sibling, Honda has launched the Cross Cub series in its domestic market. It will be available in two engines: a 50cc version and, what we like better, a 110cc motor. Honda will also be making 2000 […]