Instructions on how to drive semi-automatic motorbike in Vietnam

Jan's motorbike Honda Cub

Instructions on how to drive semi-automatic motorbike in Vietnam

Choose the right place to practice:

– To avoid fear during practice that makes you not confident in mastering the steering wheel as well as the speed, which leads to falling or crashing, crashing into people around.
– When learning to drive a motorbike, you should find a place that is best suitable for you, flat open ground or a road with little traffic wide enough for you to confidently practice driving.

Jan's motorbike Honda Cub
Honda Cub in Sai Gon

First, ask an experienced person to sit in the back of the car and guide you ( You can ask JAN’S MOTORBIKE ^^ )
The next thing you need to do is wear a helmet to ensure your safety. (You should wear flat shoes or sandals to make it easier to step on the gear lever and step brake by your foot for sure)

When sitting on the bike, next you will turn the key on. At this time, you can start by electric start or kick start depends on your bike. Until it started, don’t roll the throttle and step on the pedal to get in 1st gear.

Then you turn the throttle slightly and start running slowly, your foot is always properly placed on the brake pedal. Then release the accelerator a bit to change the gear, step on the pedal to get 2nd gears then roll the accelerator on at the same time. ( release, shift gears, roll throttle ) Do the same to get 3rd and 4th gears. Since you are new to running, it is best to take short distances of 300–400 meters to gain experience after each ride.

Some notes when driving a motorbike in Vietnam

  • Note for curves, roundabouts and when cornering, please release to the throttle suits with the speed that you’re driving, combine the brake pedal so that when exiting the turn is easier, the motorbike will not be out of breath. After exiting the bend, increase the throttle and run normally.
  • Driving a motorbike without proper changing gears will make the bike quickly lose fuel, and the engine will be weak, leading to engine damage.
  • So normally, when driving a motorbike from 0 to 10km/h you should drive in 1st or 2nd gears, when the bike gets from 20km/h to 40km/h, you should in 3rd or 4th gears. And stop at a red light, you should be in neutral or 1st gear to waiting for the red light then go.
  • When driving uphill, shift to 2nd or 3rd gears to make it easier and more powerful for the bike to go uphill and to avoid damage to the engine. As for the flat roads, you should return to 4th gears to drive normally.

Use the motorbike brakes properly

  • Foot brake: control the rear wheel.

  • Hand brake: control the front wheel.

  • In actual operation, the front brake is easy to cause an accident, this is what many people have, especially women. Using the front brake suddenly and squeezing too hard causes the front wheel to completely lock, the front of the bike slides on the road, completely losing control of the bike and possibly causing an accident. 

  • Therefore, safe driving experts say that in the case of normal roads, you should only use the rear brake to brake, brake lightly, with moderate force, gently avoid sudden braking.

  • Don’t use the front brake when you’re turning the curve road or corner.

Do not force the throttle suddenly

  • When driving a motorbike on the road, you should not increase the throttle suddenly, but should increase the throttle slowly. The force of the motorbike movement will go faster, if you roll the throttle suddenly, it will lead to fuel consumption and lack of good speed control.

  • In addition, when the bike goes uphill, you should not leave the gear high and pull the throttle very hard because it will reduce the engine’s life.

Focus and alert for driving

  • Because when participating in traffic, there are always potential dangers, so you must be alert to observe and listen to traffic signs such as: turn signals, horns, signal lights, … to promptly react to traffic signals. whatever happens on the road.

    Need to widen the observe

    This is one of the important notes when you directly control the car in traffic. For small and narrow roads with many turns and turns, you need to have a wide view.Always have to put 1 or 2 fingers on the brake handle or put foot on the pedal brake as a fulcrum to promptly react to emergency braking situations.

The above article has shared a simple and safe tips to drive a motorbike in Vietnam, hopefully with this information it will help you in the process of learning to ride a motorbike to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you. 


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