Types of motorbikes

people walking on street during daytime Motorbikes are the most fuel-efficient and durable means of transport nowadays. What types of motorbikes? and which types of motorbikes are suitable for you? This article helps you out with those questions Motorbikes are the type of motorbike chosen by many consumers because of their durability and savings. Motorbikes are affordable and have high durability as well as very economical use and maintenance costs. 


Semi-automatic, also known as Underbone, are models such as Honda Wave, Future, Yamaha Sirius, Dream… The feature that leads to this name is the engine block located below the chassis, the normal fuel tank located under the saddle with the use of a gear lever to control the maximum speed of the vehicle. With this design, the center of gravity of the vehicle is usually located in the middle of the vehicle for a light front and rear.

Xe máy giá rẻ, tiết kiệm xăng, chọn Honda Wave Alpha hay Yamaha Sirius?

We need to understand that a motorbike will usually have a gearbox with 4 levels. These levels of the gears will provide power at different speeds. Therefore, we should choose the time to shift gears when the vehicle reaches the correct and sufficient speed so that the vehicle is smooth and not forced.

In particular, at the following speeds the level of the gears should be used: – First gear 1: Speed from 0-10km/h – Second gear 2: Speed from 10-20km/h – Third gear 3: Speed from 20-40km/h – Fourth gear 4: Speed from 40km/h or more

Use the motorbike brakes properly:

  • Foot brake: control the rear wheel.

  • Hand brake: control the front wheel.

  • In actual operation, the front brake is easy to cause an accident, this is what many people have, especially women. Using the front brake suddenly and squeezing too hard causes the front wheel to completely lock, the front of the bike slides on the road, completely losing control of the bike and possibly causing an accident. 

  • Therefore, safe driving experts say that in the case of normal roads, you should only use the rear brake to brake, brake lightly, with moderate force, gently avoid sudden braking.

  • Don’t use the front brake when you’re turning the curve road or corner.

1: Automatic

Automatic is a scooter with an automatic transmission, you don’t have to be as numerous as the manual or semi-automatic, everything is automatic, you just need to increase the throttle. Scooters work mainly on the throttle, so to adjust the speed of the scooter, you just need to adjust the throttle up and down, combined with using the brake to move on the road.

Yamaha Nozza 110cc ( Automatic )

Yamaha Nozza 110cc ( Automatic )

Scooters with smooth operation, integrated with many advanced technologies and many utilities, are very popular with consumers. 

2: Manual

Manual is a motorbike with a manual clutch switch-off system, specifically on the left side of a hand-held clutch with a clutch lever, squeeze in to disconnect and release to close the clutch. The manual clutch or Ambrayage has many advantages in terms of performance and speed, so it is quite popular on sports cars or racing tournaments around the world using these motorbikes. 

The advantages of manual clutches are:

– Extremely fast and powerful third part makes the motorbike run stronger. For those who are passionate about speed and power, this can be a thing that makes customers love the clutch motorbike.

Using a manual clutch car is very fuel-efficient. This is probably something that anyone who uses manual motorbike also pays attention to.

– When you need to accelerate, the manual clutch model is a great choice.

Hand clutch can be used to go far, regardless of the terrain.

The manual clutch motorbike is very light and extremely flexible.

The clutch has a masculine and powerful design. Suitable for people who like sports and fitness.


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